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Wee Learn Curriculum

Wee Learn works from many of the same principles as the Creative Curriculum which is why they are a great match. Wee Learn will provide the foundation for each unit of study. Each unit will begin with a Bible story and discussion to open up the topic with biblical values in mind. Children will be invited into conversation with each other to learn about God, the world He made, and how to treat others. Wee Learn is an activity based curriculum allowing children to learn through experience rather than by simply listening. Children will be offered unit-related choices so that they learn by doing what interests them. Wee Learn encourages creative expression with art, puzzles, writing and music, and confidence will build as children examine a finished product created through their own ideas.

Preschool children have a heightened awareness of themselves and their own activities. Children will be encouraged to become comfortable playing with others through group activities and to complete projects with the help of others. A familiar routine and flexible schedule will allow teachers to meet the needs of each child in a predictable environment. Wee Learn children have fun learning because they are allowed to move around, express their own creativity and choose what interests them. These children will be successful, relate positively to others and enjoy learning!

The Learning Environment
Each classroom will be arranged into 11 interest areas: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys and Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water, Music and Movement, Cooking, Computers, and Outdoors. This gives children numerous options for making decisions on where and how they want to learn and explore. Children will be taught to respect their work area and take care of the materials in the classroom so that they will display pride in their work.

What Your Children Will Learn
Creative Curriculum and Wee Learn offers expanded opportunities for children to become familiar with topics that will be the foundation of the elementary school curriculum. The main topics that will be covered are Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Technology and Process Skills. It is very important to focus the content of the curriculum on each child’s developmental stage so that successful learners emerge excited and challenged by what they are learning.